Women's Retreat 2023

Waves of Doubt - Jan 13-15, 2023


Doubt is deafening. Like the commotion in a crowded hallway that makes your conversation impossible, doubt has a way of blocking everything else out.



As you listen to the pastor preaching, or read the Bible, doubt screams in your ear, “Do you really believe that?” When trial has overtaken your family again, doubt always asks, “Does God even care?” For the millionth time, it seems, you have failed, and you cannot help but wonder, “Does God still love me?”



Doubt is overwhelming, but it is not abnormal. Spurgeon once noted, “The heart that hath never doubted has not yet learned to believe. As the farmers say, ‘The land that will not grow a thistle will not grow wheat.’”



The disciples had some doubts as Jesus walked upon the waves toward them one stormy night. Matthew’s gospel says they were terrified and cried out in fear (14:26). You would have, too. Jesus calmed them down and, as they returned to normal breathing patterns, Peter spoke up, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water,” (14:28). Even though this story was included to show that Christ was given power by God to control even the natural elements, there is another lesson here that instructs us about doubt.



Come join us at this year’s Ladies Retreat and discover and embrace God’s design and His mission for the life He has for you.