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Reverend Gil Paredez


My name is Gilbert C. Paredez, and I prefer to be called Gil. My wife Diana and I will be married 33 years this July 8th. We have two boys Rolando 42 and Gilbert II 32. We have two grand kids through Rolando and our daughter in law Mayra, grandkids are D’Angelo 19 and Angeliah 17. We also have two pets Roxie (dog) and Misty (cat).

I have been in ministry for 8 yrs. as a pastor. My faith journey began in September of 2006 when Christ rescued me. My wife and I began attending church 3-weeks later at Valley Praise Harlingen which at the time was a satellite church on the west-side of town in a middle school cafeteria (church in a box) if you will. I was elected Lay Leader 7-8 months later. Several years later I became District Lay Leader Coordinator. Finally in 2012 I began my process for Local Licensed Pastor. In 2013 I received my first appointment in San Antonio, my second appt. was also in San Antonio and my last appointment was in Floresville in December of 2015.

The ministry I envision is a ministry for the people of the community and surrounding areas of which I reside. My wife and I both have a passion of reaching out to those in need, to those in pain, to those who are forgotten and lost. I also enjoy the art of BBQ and my wife enjoys cooking and feeding people. I have done several 1st Responders BBQ’s with help from the congregation and folks from the community. We have served food to a Bereavement Center for children and their families. I am currently the local food pantry’s board president and enjoy giving a devotional just before food is distributed. My hope and prayer is that “WE” First UMC Goliad and I along with my Wife Diana can make memorable memories in serving this community as well as growing each other in our own faith journey through discipleship and bible studies. If God is for us, who can stand against us, Amen!

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